Syria denounces US continuation of media war

Syria denounces US continuation of media war

We oppose the United States funding millions of dollars to some media outlets with the mere aim of distorting the image of the Syrian state, the State Department said in a statement posted on its Twitter account.

He asserted that such actions demonstrate US persistence in continuing to deceive local, regional and international public opinion and to expose the intentions of Washington, which persists in hostile actions against Syria’s sovereignty and interference in its internal affairs.

He accused the State Department of sponsoring these projects to cover up Washington’s crimes and protection from terrorists and separatists, and to hide its looting of Syrian wealth.

The statement dismissed US claims that such measures are aimed at combating media misinformation and promoting human rights.

Without a doubt, the United States is the one who perpetrates the most misrepresentations in the media and violates and continues to violate human rights the most, and its crimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries prove this, the text concluded.

This Levantine nation has been facing a multi-faceted war since 2011, which the Damascus government said started with the media and politics and then shifted to the military and economic aspects.