Syria Deadly Israeli attacks on Damascus International Airport

Syria: Deadly Israeli attacks on Damascus International Airport

Published on: 02/01/2023 – 09:42

Damascus International Airport was shut down for a few hours Monday, January 2 by Israeli attacks that killed four people, including two Syrian soldiers, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

With our correspondent in Beirut, Paul Khalifeh

Syrian authorities announced the resumption of air traffic at Damascus International Airport on Monday morning, just hours after Israeli raids.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has called for a “partial” reopening, specifying that the route reserved for the movement of goods and the travel of senior state officials and leaders of pro-Iranian militias will remain “unusable”.

The Syrian Ministry of Transport confirmed Monday morning the continuation of repair work in other parts of the airport affected by the raids.

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Syria, target of several Israeli attacks

The Syrian Observatory reports that missiles destroyed “Hezbollah positions including a weapons depot” and other facilities used by Iranian allies of the Syrian power.

Israel regularly bombs targets in Syria with the stated goal of preventing Iran and its allies from establishing a permanent military infrastructure on Syrian territory.

Last year, the Israeli Air Force launched 32 strikes on more than 90 targets in different parts of the country.

Last June, Damascus airport was shut down for two weeks after the runways were destroyed. The one from Aleppo in the north of the country was shut down for several days in early September after air raids.

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