Sylvia Pasquel catches Luis Enrique organizing Silvia Pinals will change

Sylvia Pasquel catches Luis Enrique organizing Silvia Pinal’s will change

  • In March 2022 the troubles started, Luis Enrique Guzmán started preparing a documentary in honor of his mother and invited his sister Alejandra Guzmán to participate with him, but they completely excluded his half-sister Sylvia Pasquel. Apparently, that’s where the distancing started.

  • In September 2022, they exploded even more when audios of Sylvia Paquel versus Luis Enrique came to light: “My brother has changed a lot, I see him very hungry, I see him very interested in everything related to inheritance and what he wants to know how many properties there are, where is the money…everything points to him wanting to keep it all”.

  • In November 2022: A person close to the family told us that Luis had allegedly called his half-sister a “rat” because he said he had taken several of his mother’s belongings, such as work clothes, headwear and paintings, to a museum-bar, which Sylvia Pasquel opened on her forum, despite having her mother’s permission.

The conflicts between Sylvia Pasquel Y Luis Enrique Guzmanaged 72 and 52 respectively, children of Silvia Pinal92, not quitting, and days ago they had a new argument when Pasquel found out his younger brother had already set up a date between him and his mother. at his mother’s notary. In this regard, a family friend told us:

-How is Dona Silvia Pinal?
“Very good, even very active, she doesn’t stop moving from one place to another: in recent weeks she has been a guest in the program Más noche by Israel Jaitovich; she went to Acapulco with her daughter Sylvia Pasquel; attended a primary school in Morelos; he chaired the Bravo Awards from his foundation; and he even went to a club where drags are presented for the birthday of representative Sergio Gabriel”.

-How well!…
“Yes, at 92, Dona Silvia is thankfully full of encouragement and we are all very happy to see her so full, hoping that she will last us much longer.”

-Too bad the scandals don’t stop…
“That’s the way it is. I wish their kids would stop having problems with each other so Doña Silvia could have that happiness.”

Do the problems between the children persist?
“Especially between La Pasquel and Luis Enrique, who declared all-out war precisely in 2022.”

Sylvia Pasquel catches Luis Enrique organizing the amendment of Silvia Pinal's will

-And there are already several fights, right?
“Yes, first in March when he didn’t put her in a documentary; then, in September, some audios of La Pasquel came to light that spoke badly of him that he saw him very insatiable because of the inheritance; and the most recent conflict in November, when Luis Enrique allegedly accused her of being a “dove” for taking several of her mother’s belongings, such as work clothes, headgear and paintings, to a museum bar which she opened in her forum, although she did, he had his mother’s permission.”

– But they have been seen in harmony on certain occasions…
“Pure farce; In March, La Pasquel and Luis Enrique appeared as if nothing had happened at the tribute Doña Silvia received from the Las Vegas Walk of Fame in CDMX, or last August when they posed together for a Spanish publication to honor his mother at the Palacio de Bellas Artes; and now in this new year, but they’re only doing it to avoid showing what’s behind it and that it’s only going to get worse.

-What are you talking about?
“There has been a lot of talk about La Pasquel’s fear that her brother will convince her mother to disinherit her or get her to sign a paper amending the will, but until now it has been just afraid of a possibility; however, this could already be a reality.”

Sylvia Pasquel catches Luis Enrique organizing the amendment of Silvia Pinal's will

“A few days ago, Sylvia Pasquel found out that her brother had already arranged an appointment between him and her mother with her mother’s notary, secretly without anyone else in the family knowing.”

-And how did you find out?
“It turned out that one day the notary called Ms. Silvia to confirm the appointment and, purely by chance, the one who answered was Efigenia, her assistant, who did not hesitate to tell La Pasquel immediately.”

-And what did La Pasquel say?
“Obviously he was angry and tagged Luis but he didn’t even reply to him so he sent him messages not to think about making such a move because he would be showing it publicly there.”

Didn’t you get an answer from him?
“Luis Enrique sent Efigenia to tell him to stop making up stories, that the appointment with the notary should take care of some outstanding documents, but nothing about the inheritance; However, Pasquel did not believe him at all and is sure that he planned to take her to change the will.

Sylvia Pasquel catches Luis Enrique organizing the amendment of Silvia Pinal's will

-And did Luis Enrique take his mother to the notary?
“No; under pressure from her older half-sister, she no longer took them, but La Pasquel is afraid that she will take them with any carelessness and that the much-feared change of will will come about, which is why she has now taken them by measure”.

-What kind of measures?
“Now she goes with her mother almost all the time to check on her movements and when she can’t because she’s traveling or has a commitment, she has asked Efigenia to be with her all the time so that her brother.” it doesn’t hurt her. Consideration”.

– Is Efigenia on La Pasquel’s side?
“Yes, and she is also in the will with an apartment that Mrs. Silvia will leave her, but now Luis Enrique has his sights set on her. He was angry because he told Sylvia about the notary because that meeting didn’t happen because of him and he knows he tells his half sister everything so he wants to kick her out.

Sylvia Pasquel catches Luis Enrique organizing the amendment of Silvia Pinal's will

-But Frau Silvia trusts him…
“She’s been by her side for more than thirty years, but according to La Pasquel, she’s the only one of Doña Silvia’s employees that Luis Enrique has yet to get rid of; Well, he has already fired his maid, Mrs. Mary, his driver, Domingo, and his theater manager, Mónica Marbán.”

Is there an executor?
“Yes, it’s the producer, Tina Galindo, but at the moment she can’t do anything, although she supports La Pasquel. Its function is that when Ms. Silvia is gone, the terms of the will are fulfilled, but now she cannot prevent what Ms. Silvia is arranging, although La Pasquel believes her brother is trying to influence her.”

-Didn’t Luis Enrique want to remove Tina Galindo?
“Of course, but you know that this is more complicated, because an employee is not the same as a successful producer and a great friend of all Doña Silvia’s family and friends; even Tina has always been very discreet, she never wanted to admit to the media that she is the executor… but hey, let’s see what happens. Luis Enrique never dared to make an appointment with the notary, but even now that you are announcing it, everyone will be talking about him.

-Finally we found out that Mrs. Silvia Pinal was ill…
“Yes, she caught the flu in the middle of the Christmas season, but despite that, her children Alejandra and Luis Enrique were at her house to accompany her and her inseparable Efi,” he concluded.

Sylvia Pasquel catches Luis Enrique organizing the amendment of Silvia Pinal's will