SUV owner builds toilet in vehicle;  Check it out

SUV owner builds toilet in vehicle; Check it out

The owner of a Toyota Fortuner in India was innovative and requested the installation of a vacuumpowered toilet in his SUV just like in motorhomes. It was installed in the trunk of the vehicle and is accessible from the cabin.

The new SUV built by motorhome specialist Ojes Automobiles was featured in a YouTube video. You can see the work has been done to integrate the space with the cabin, even with the limited interior height. As a result, the SUV also only has limited cargo space in the rear.

The bathroom is quite small but has a normal toilet, ventilation and also a normal door.

Postpandemic, vacuum toilet conversions are common in India, especially for drivers making long journeys. The solution is also popular with taxi drivers who have trouble finding clean and safe restrooms while driving.

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