Suspect involved in nearly 15 Laval scams goes to police

Suspect involved in nearly 15 Laval scams goes to police –

The suspect wanted by the police in Laval for possible involvement in almost fifteen “false representative” type scams has surrendered to the authorities.

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Michael Bouchard, 28, is the man identified in photos released by Laval Police. He turned himself in to authorities on Thursday. He has no criminal record.

On Friday morning, Michael Bouchard appeared at the Laval courthouse and was formally charged with fraud under $5,000.

Michael Bouchard must remain in detention until his case is heard in court on September 8th.

The incidents he is accused of took place in July. Each event has a similar modus operandi.

The victim was initially contacted by phone by a first suspect and introduced themselves using the names Émilie and Maude. The woman, posing as an investigator from a financial institution or anti-fraud center, tells the victim that she has been scammed and that she needs to put her cards and all PINs in an envelope to deliver to a specific location. called investigators named Jérémy Turcotte.

Once the cards are collected, they are used for scams at nearby stores.