Surprise yourself with the EXPENSIVE gift Pepe Aguilar gave his wife for their 25  year MARRIAGE

Surprise yourself with the EXPENSIVE gift Pepe Aguilar gave his wife for their 25 year MARRIAGE

Someone who definitely doesn’t have eyes for another woman it is Pepe Aguilarbecause besides the fact that he has always been deeply in love with his beauty Wifenow that he meets in this year 2022 25 years of marriage with Aneliz Álvarez, didn’t save and decided to give her one expensive gift is estimated at several thousand dollars.

It should be remembered that love between Pepe Aguilar and be Wife It started after he met her when she was performing at the casting for a video clip of her brother Toño Aguilar, since from that moment the singer knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Aneliz because when he saw her he thought he thought of her as a beautiful woman, so despite his shyness, he was encouraged to ask her out and they haven’t broken up since.

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This is the expensive gift of 25 years of marriage that Pepe Aguilar gave to his wife

The next wedding anniversary is next month October, however Pepe Aguilar He decided to get a little ahead of himself and shared on his social media where he bought it gift to his Wife for the 25 years of marriage a unique one watch from an exclusive jewelery house, although it should be mentioned that he took the opportunity to buy one himself and thus not be uneven.

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Although the value of each watch is not known, it is estimated that the gift It’s worth several thousand dollars as the eye-catching accessory is set with dozens of green and white gemstones that look like diamonds. This piece of jewelry was designed by Pristine Jewelers, a house that has created exclusive designs for celebrities such as Cardi B, Floyd Maywether, Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey.

In this impressive way, the regional Mexican singer has started the different surprises that he has prepared for his Wife and mother of his children Aneliz, Leonardo and Ángela, as that is known Pepe wants to “throw the house out the window” and celebrate it 25 years of marriage with the love of his life.