Superenalotto this shower of millions in Tuscany Umbria and Spezia.webp

Superenalotto, this shower of millions in Tuscany, Umbria and Spezia. The jackpot starts again at 55

Florence, February 17th, 2023 – After the euro rain that has also arrived in Tuscany, the estimated jackpot for the next competition, available for 6 points, is the same to 54.7 million from euros.

Centered on 6 out of 371 million

The €371 million payout, the first in 2023 and the highest in the history of the game and currently of any lottery worldwide, killed every SuperStar 23 entrant 4 million euros.

Pontassieve’s victory

Three stocks gained in Tuscany, one in Umbria, a City of Castlethree to Spice up. They celebrate on Grossetowhere the 4 million were won in a pizzeria in Braccagni and in the province of Florence at Bar Plinio Pontassieve it is at Borgo San Lorenzowhere the winnings were made in Stefano Giannelli’s kiosk.

The winners of the four million euros must collect the prize according to the published rules on the Superenalotto website. Anyone who has played in betting shops and won more than €52,000 must deliver the receipt Prize game, intact and in the original.

The victory at Mugello

Winnings can be picked up Offices for sisal prices in Rome (via Sacco e Vanzetti 89, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) or in Milan (via Ugo Bassi 6, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

The victory in Grosseto

In the event that the bet was made online, the details of the winning bet must be submitted to the winning offices (with unique code the bet and Identification Number of the game account), a valid identification document and the tax number.

The victory in La Spezia

The winnings are then verified by a special Commission established by the monopoly authority. The winnings are paid out by bank transfer by check Current account or non-transferable circular.

The victory in Città di Castello

Receipt for winning entry must be presented up to the 90th day after the publication of the official bulletin on the website The concessionaire pays for profits of more than one million euros within 91 calendar days from the day after the publication of the Official Journal.

Of the 4 million, the winner will go 3.2 million from euros. In this case, the withholding tax on the premium amounts to 799,900 euros. In fact, the tax officer applies a 20% taxation on all Superenalotto prizes over €500.

Only those up to 499 euros are tax-free. The 20% taxation was introduced on March 1st, 2020. Le tax deductions they do not have to be paid by the winner since he is the lottery dealer apply them automatically on the premium paid net of tax. A document certifying that you have paid these tax charges and serving as proof of payment will also be issued to theAgency of Revenue.