Superenalotto: 6 records won, 371 million won

6 of the Superenalotto records were achieved. Won €371 million, the biggest jackpot in the world. Here is the winning combination: 1,38,47,52,56,66 Jolly number: 72 Superstar number: 23

The win was achieved via the system’s bulletin board by splitting the jackpot into 90 cards. Each winner wins around 4 million euros. Tonight is the first win of 2023, the highest in the history of the game and currently of all world lotteries. The 6 has been missing since May 22, 2021, when €156 million was won in Montappone, a village in the province of Fermo

‘Bricole’, so to speak, compared to the current record, which takes the scepter away from the 209 million won in Lodi in 2019 for the highest-ever jackpot.

At the bottom of the winner’s podium are the 177 million won with a system. In its 25-year history, Superenalotto has distributed a total of 125 jackpots and has become a popular phenomenon across Italy in a quarter of a century. In three of the first 5 wins, the sestina of dreams was made with a single €2 or €3 card. Among the most awarded regions, Campania is in first place with 18 victories, followed by Lazio with 16 and Emilia Romagna with 13. Puglia is just off the podium with 10 victories, then Tuscany and Veneto with 9. Instead there are three regions , in which a 6 is never made: Valle d’Aosta, Trentino Alto Adige and Molise. Among the cities, Rome is the one where the most jackpots have been made, up to 10, for a total of over 132 million. Sassari follows with 5 jackpots totaling €111 million, while another €111 million was won in Naples with 4 jackpots won. From 1997 to date, if only the first category prizes are taken into account, prizes worth over 5 billion euros have been awarded. Winners have 90 days to collect their winnings, while payment will be credited on the 91st day after the official bulletin is published.

In the meantime, the new dream sextole can be bet on from Friday.

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