Super speed boat off Taiwan Smugglers in action

Super speed boat off Taiwan Smugglers in action?

by Guido Olimpio

The boat has six very powerful outboard engines, tarps cover the cargo and the smugglers have their faces covered. They are used to convict people, illegal goods or stolen luxury cars

A sea monster spotted by some Taiwanese fishermen. Probably involved in traffic, very intense in this region. The boat, coupled with another, was noticed by the crew of a fishing boat and has obviously aroused suspicion because of its characteristics: 6 very powerful outboard engines, the smugglers’ face covered, special lights attached to the top of a pole (perhaps for night signals ), finally the tarpaulins to cover the load. Elements that obviously make you think of an action by a gang of smugglers.

Also known as Tai Fei or Dai Fei, these speedboats are used to transport people, illegal goods, and often stolen luxury cars. Maritime affairs expert HI Sutton recalled the similarities to the Go-Fast of the Narcos operating between Spain and Morocco, but also to the units that have been blocked and modified in the past to illegally bring vehicles into Chinese territory. In 2003, police confiscated one northwest of Hong Kong, which was even armored and could accommodate two large sedans. A year ago in September, one of these “torpedoes” rammed a police guard post, killing one officer.

May 22, 2022 (Modification May 22, 2022 | 10:31)