Sunday In quotwhat comes out of his nosequot Grignani fans

Sunday In, "what comes out of his nose": Grignani, fans alarmed

Worry yesterday to Sunday In: Gianluca Grignani He was a guest of Mara Venier to talk about his experience at the Sanremo Festival and the song he brought to the competition. While the singer was speaking in the studio, many viewers from home noticed a strange red mark at the bridge of his nose. Someone was also concerned and, as we read on social media, thought it could be blood. But if you look closely, it looks more like a scratch.

“I am very happy to be here. You and I have known each other for many years. I also came here to promote one of my first albums – the artist said to Venier -. did i sleep well Ni, I don’t sleep much, I’m a little night owl. Sometimes it happens that I don’t even sleep. I sleep one and a half out of three days. I have a home studio and work often. When inspiration comes to me, I go to the studio.” When asked if he tends to disappear from time to time, Grignani replied: “I don’t disappear, it’s the others who don’t follow me. There were times when I thought disappearing made more sense than showing up. I always say that I opened my left eye, I’m left-handed. Then I started again from the beaches, I gave concerts on the beach”.

On the non-award by the critics, however, he said: “I could be argumentative and you know i would make it You know how I feel, but I’ll just say two things. I’ll be happy to remember who won it in a few years and I won’t name names. But I got the real prize from the people, the prize that the people gave. This is very important to me.”

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