Brazil registered 28 incidents of violence against the press weekly

Sunday 22 May 2022 (14:00 GMT)

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BACKGROUND — Kyiv/Moscow — Ukraine hopes the arrival of more western weapons, particularly artillery, will help balance forces with Russia and even allow counterattacks to be launched in the south and east of the country.

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WOMEN – KIEV – Emiliya has been trying for more than a month to get the body of her husband who died in the war, joining other wives and mothers of Ukrainian soldiers who are looking for their husbands and children sent to the front. By Luis Angel Regulatoro, Special Representative. (CLEVERLY)

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BALTS – Riga – As armed fighting rages on in eastern Ukraine, a shadow war is waged online against the Baltic countries, which are Ukraine’s largest arms suppliers by GDP. by Juris Kaza. (CLEVERLY)

EUROGROUP – BRUSSELS – Eurozone economy and finance ministers this Monday assess the development of the EU economy after the European Commission lowered its forecasts due to the impact of the war in Ukraine. (SENT) (Audio)


AUSTRALIA ELECTIONS – Sydney, Australia – Australia’s new government, led by Labor Party member Anthony Albanese, is committed to changing climate policy in one of the world’s most polluting countries per capita. by Rocio Otoya (SENT) (Photo)

ASIA United States – Tokyo – US President Joe Biden concludes his official visit to South Korea and travels to Japan, a new stop on his trip focused on Pyongyang’s arms challenges and expanding cooperation in the face of China’s rise. by Antonio Hermosín Gandul (SENT) (photo)

APEC TRADE – Bangkok – The meeting of trade ministers of the 21 economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum ends without a final statement due to some countries’ boycott of the Moscow representative. By Noël Knight. (CLEVERLY)

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WHO ASSEMBLY – Geneva – The annual WHO assembly begins with the presence of a hundred health ministers and several heads of state, with the challenge of laying the foundations to end the most acute phase of the pandemic.

DAVOS FORUM – Davos (Switzerland) – The World Economic Forum is once again holding its well-known annual meeting in Davos, which is once again attended in person by the political leaders and leaders driving the world economy. by Isabel Saco (SENT)


ELECTIONS IN COLOMBIA — Bogotá — Candidates for the presidency of Colombia wrap up campaigning in a public square with massive popular rallies a week before elections on May 29.


CUBA CRISIS – Havana – The severe economic crisis, the sharp increase in migration and social unrest lead many to draw comparisons between the current period in Cuba and the so-called special period of the 1990s.




OFFICIAL – Cannes (France) – Swede Ruben Östlund, winner of the 2017 Palme d’Or with ‘The Square’, returns to Cannes with ‘The Triangle of Sadness’, a new satire of high society, this time with a focus on the world of fashion. by Magdalena Tsanis (SENT)


VIKANDER – Cannes (France) – Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, Oscar winner for ‘The Danish Girl’, speaks to Efe about the series ‘Irma Vep’, which she is presenting with director Olivier Assayas in Cannes and premiering on HBO Max on June 6th. (INTERVIEW)




TURKISH PRISONS – Istanbul – With the end of restrictions against the coronavirus pandemic in late May, Turkey will abolish all release permits for tens of thousands of prisoners, who will have to return to increasingly overcrowded prisons. By Ilja U. Topper. (CLEVERLY)



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