1674600863 Sundance 2023 Tenoch Huerta and Yalitza Aparicio take on the

Sundance 2023: Tenoch Huerta and Yalitza Aparicio take on the festival with a cumbia

Sundance 2023: Tenoch Huerta and Yalitza Aparicio take on the festival with a cumbia

Sundance 2023: Tenoch Huerta and Yalitza Aparicio take on the festival with a cumbia

After many years of being used as supporting characters that promoted racism, Latino talent is finally beginning to be recognized in Hollywood and the industry in general. While there is still work to be done, some names are starting to find a fairer place in the middle and also using it to promote the work of others and the chores to be done on a regular basis. Of course, this also creates a unique friendship, which was very clear at the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (88%), on which Yalitza congratulated Aparicio Tenoch Huerta. Now both meet again in the Sundance Film Festival 2023where they couldn’t help but dance a cumbia that captivated the audience.

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Tenoch Orchard He worked in film and television for many years, but it took him a while to find the rhythm that took him into Hollywood and the Marvel Universe. Thanks to titles like Sin Nombre (89%), Güeros (94%), Vuelven (100%) and the series blue demonthe actor began to attract the attention of other creators and soon gained an excellent reputation, which improved when he landed important roles in Narcos (90%), Here on Earth (100%) and La purge forever (65%). , sequel to one, took over from America’s most popular horror franchises.

For his part Yalitza Aparicio She has had a much more controlled career as she calmly accepts and analyzes a lot of every role she takes on. Alfonso Cuarón found her almost by accident for Roma (99%) and she immediately became one of the most famous and respected actresses, even by Hollywood actors who expected her to win the Oscar. Although the actress has been inundated with offers, she won’t accept them without first acknowledging their real value and the message she wants to convey about her country.

Both actors met a long time ago and today they are two of the most important Latinos who have also performed at different events together so they are very close now. When the Black Panther (90%) sequel became a massive box office success, Aparicio was quick to congratulate Huerta, while also realizing how important visibility is in this type of superhero franchise. Now that the actress is about to premiere a short film Sunday 2023both were once again invoked as symbols of Latin American talent and couldn’t help but draw attention to themselves by dancing together.

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Yalitza Aparicio attended the festival to promote the short film Sweatshop Girl about a young woman who works as a seamstress in a factory and does everything to hide her pregnancy because she is sure that her bosses will eventually fire her if they find out about it. The actress also participated in a number of talks with Tenoch Orchard and Eugenio Derbez on Latino talent and the obstacles they had to overcome midway, all as part of the project The Latinx House.

Videos and photos were soon published on social networks, not of the conferences, but of what happened afterwards and when Tenoch Orchard Y Yalitza Aparicio They danced in front of everyone:

Tenoch Orchard became famous for asking his colleagues to dance Yalitza Aparicio remains a highly respected actress in Hollywood, although she hasn’t acted in that many films since starting work Rome. The popularity of both not only benefits their careers but also helps give more space to new talent from Latin America in everything from acting to directing and these festivals are very important to promote them.

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