Summer Live, Alessi: “Why I Told Gigi D’Alessio to Change Girlfriends”

Summer Live, Alessi: “Why I Told Gigi D’Alessio to Change Girlfriends”


The director of Novella 2000 shared a curious background regarding the life of Denise and the singer’s couple

Summer Live Alessi Why I Told Gigi DAlessio to Change

Published on August 18, 2022

Gigi D’Alessio and Denise Espositoa couple born in the shadows and then inevitably came to light as the arrival of a Son It’s an impossible situation to hide. It was last January when the 55-year-old singer and the 29-year-old lawyer became parents and welcomed the little one Francis. A few photos stolen by the paparazzi and shots of the little one slurped on the social networks of the judiciary are the best that gossip has learned about the little one. Little is known about how the relationship between the artist and the woman came about: rumor has it that the condemned was a concert by D’Alessio in June 2020 on Capri. The first meeting is said to have taken place there. The spark jumped over. The love story grew in secret, partly because not many months had passed since Gigi broke up with Anna Tatangelo. A very loud pause, on which the gossip column embroidered for a long time.

Apart from that, the singer showed very little with Denise. Public never. It was believed that it was primarily D’Alessio who wanted to protect the couple’s privacy. Novella 2000 director Roberto Alessi spoke to him summer live on Rai Uno, he told a different and rather surprising version instead. It would not have been the musician who wanted to keep the relationship absolutely secret, but Esposito.

In the salon that passed by Roberta Capua and Gianluca Semprini We talked about Gigi and Denise and the fact that in the last few days D’Alessio has posted a loving and affectionate shot with Esposito on his social profiles for the first time since the love story began. “Io, tu e ‘a luna,” the singer wrote of a shot in which he kisses his sweetheart in front of the moon-kissed sea in the sky. The photo was highly commented on by the couple’s followers. “Finally,” someone commented. A picture that is expected for about two years.

“He couldn’t wait,” said journalist Roberto Alessi, assuring that the lawyer was between the two, who did not want to come out. “Denise hates being in the papers, I said to Gigi: ‘Change girlfriends,'” the Novella 2000 director added nicely, revealing a curious background.