Summer heat in sight: 36 degrees on the weekend

Summer heat in sight: 36 degrees on the weekend

Especially in the central mountainous region in the east and south, as well as in the Mühlviertel and Waldviertel, residents should expect heavy rains, gusts of wind and hail. The maximum values ​​are previously 24 to 31 degrees, it is warmer in the south. It also stays dry there longer.

It won’t be calmer until Friday: storms are only possible in Karawanken and Koralpe. Strong wind blows in the east. Temperatures remain similar at 22 to 30 degrees.

weekend heat

It’s very hot on the weekend. On this day the sun burns from the cloudless sky. On Saturday, 26 to 34 degrees east to west are expected. This could also bring the first tropical night to large parts of Austria. So far this year it has not cooled below 20 degrees overnight: from 3 to 4 June in central Vienna.

On Sunday, the thermometer rose even more: according to Ubimet, 29 to 36 degrees were possible. In the west, hot storms can also occur in some areas at night. However, this does not result in a change in trend – Monday also starts with heat and values ​​from 30 to 36 degrees.