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Sudden fatal illness: a true massacre! • Imola today Imola today

Sudden Fatal Illness

Sudden fatal illness: a true massacre!
In one year, 769 athletes collapsed on court due to heart problems.
Strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis, tumors and more illnesses, diseases and conditions… The headlines of the local newspapers are repeated daily. What once caused a sensation is now the norm. It’s visible to everyone… in every city, every day!
Young people are most affected.
What’s happening?
What happens to our blood?

There is a connection with the largest mass human study conducted on the Covid-19 vaccine? While the experiment is still running?
Concerned about the numerous reports of sudden illnesses and side effects, the Cremona Fortitudo Committee has launched a non-profit fundraiser to evaluate a study on some volunteers who underwent the vaccine. The study is divided into three distinct steps; the first phase has already begun.

The blood of the volunteers will be analyzed by Doctor Franco Giovanninione of the leading experts in microscopic dark field hemodiagnostics.
For more than 30 years, the research doctor Mantovano has been using very sophisticated and avant-garde diagnostics to treat his patients every day. As of March 2021, coinciding with the start date of the vaccination campaign, he had never detected in the peripheral blood of patients the presence of particles of different shapes and sizes of a dubious nature, in addition to the fact that the red blood cells were stacked. Coin”, “Glued together and changed in shape: no longer round, but with bottle corks.
These strange filaments (which at first glance and to inexperienced eyes may appear horrible, very long and fluorescent worms) could be graphene oxide, a superconductor that acquires magnetic properties in the body and causes various side effects.

So we researched the meaning of graphene on the largest online encyclopedia Wikipedia and can conclude: “Graphene is a material composed of a monatomic layer of carbon atoms. It has the theoretical strength of diamond and the flexibility of plastic. Physicists Andrej Gejm and Konstantin Novosëlov of the University of Manchester were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for their discoveries about graphene and its applications in 2004. As this is an innovative product of recent date that is not yet regulated, assessments of the possible environmental and toxicological impact of the industrial dissemination of the material are being studied.

Dedicated in the subchapter Count Toxicityand it reports: “A study by Brown University, one of the most prestigious and selective universities on the North American continent, describes the potential toxicity of graphene: It would affect and damage human cells, particularly when finely fragmented like it is, due to its two-dimensional nature.” also reported for fullerenes (from carbon). The physiological effects of graphene remain uncertain and this remains an unexplored area.” (Link Wikipedia graphene

This strange substance would only appear in the blood of people who have been vaccinated, and not those who contracted Covid-19 naturally, according to the slide tests done so far. We further emphasize: absence of this strange substance in the blood of people who have not been vaccinated or who have contracted Covid-19 naturally.

This material doubt is not Professor Giovannini’s only bitter discovery.
From March 2021 to date, it has already analyzed more than 1000 symptomatic subjects after vaccination MRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Mederna), and in 94% of these cases various changes in the aggregate state of the erythrocytes with consequent blood coagulation disorders were found. The slide screens clearly show the red blood cells from these vaccinated individuals being stacked one on top of the other… leaving those taking part in their investigation in disbelief and disbelief.
Only thanks to this method of examining blood cells with an optical microscope, to which a special condenser is attached, is it possible to highlight otherwise invisible details.

Many of the patients whose blood changes were determined using this innovative method showed completely normal blood coagulation tests over the course of their medical history. Patients with obvious symptoms but without diagnosis and drug therapies.

In the first phase of the “Cure Project”, the volunteers took turns examining the “fresh” peripheral blood on a slide in dark field. A few drops of blood are taken with a lancing device and applied to a slide and immediately analyzed under the microscope. The blood is still alive, the corpuscular components should still be moving … the evaluation of the red blood cells begins immediately. After the anamnesis, Dr. Giovannini make an initial assessment of the state of health of the corpuscular components of the blood.

In the second phase, the same people, divided into heterogeneous groups (based on age, sex, the number of vaccinations carried out, the pathological condition and the side effects after the administration of the anti-Covid serum), can start taking three treatments in order to to check which of them has the best effectiveness to try to repair the damage caused by the vaccines.
In the third phase (after about a month and a half) the group of volunteers is again subjected to the darkfield microscopic hemodiagnostic examination to verify that the treatments have had the desired effect, that there has been an improvement in general health and that the impairment The effects of the vaccine have been mitigated.

The results of the study will then be published and published by the end of autumn.
No association, no public or private institution has thought so big …
We have a big dream of maintaining the health of the entire community…we hope and we believe in it.

From this project, which has absolutely no profit and which lives only on donations, will benefit the volunteers, the thousands of people who have had side effects after vaccination and have been “exposed” by official medicine … also and especially asymptomatic people who are unaware that they are potentially at risk.
This is a great project that affects us all without distinction.
Keep hope alive: do something for yourself, for your children, for your neighbor.
Do it with your heart: DONATE TOO
It is for our future, our health and that of our loved ones.
Help the Fortitudo Committee, support the “Cure Project” conceived by Grazia Picinelli.
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