Succession Last of Us the most anticipated series of 2023

“Succession”, “Last of Us”: the most anticipated series of 2023

2022 was a good year for those who like TV series. From the return of the dragons in The House of the Dragon to the fear of the screams in the kitchen in The Bear to the theories in The White Lotus, the balance has been positive. But there is more to come! Check out the most anticipated and promising series for 2023.

‘The last of us’

Based on the hit game of the same name, the series has Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as protagonists who survive in a postapocalyptic world. Premieres January 15 on HBO and HBO Max.

“The Mandalorian” Season 3

Despite Lucasfilm’s many investments in expanding the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian is the saga’s biggest audience phenomenon to date. With Season 2’s explosive finale, expectations are high for the sequel, especially for those who want to know where the adorable Baby Yoda is. Premieres March 1st on Disney+.

“Succession” Season 4

Watching ‘Succession’ is guaranteed to be fun. The first three seasons were successful with audiences and critics alike, and so the anticipation for the next one is very high especially after the previous one’s resounding ending. What will happen to Waystar Royco under new leadership? Premieres between March and September on HBO and HBO Max.

“Secret Invasion”

More Marvel miniseries? We have. Emilia Clarke debuts in the MCU alongside Samuel L. Jackson, who reprises characters Nick Fury and Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill. The attraction continues the story of the Skrulls invading and infiltrating ordinary aspects of life on Earth. Premieres on Disney+.

“Master of the Air”

The Band of Brothers miniseries is one of the biggest TV hits in war productions and spawned the sequel The Pacific. Now, years later, Masters of the Air concludes the trilogy that follows the American Air Force bombers in WWII. Premieres on Apple TV+.

“The Three Body Problem”

Game of Thrones producers David Benioff and DB Weiss return with the first series after the hit HBO drama. The new Netflix series is a scifi set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution and follows a group of scientists on a human march to the end of the universe.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender”

Aang  Reproduction/Instagram  Reproduction/Instagram

Gordon Cormier will play Aang in the liveaction series Avatar: The Last Airbender

Image: Playback/Instagram

The new attraction is an adaptation of the animated series of the same name and is set to recreate one of TV’s most popular fantasy sagas and the creators promised “cultural engagement” and no whitewashing of the cast. Premieres on Netflix.

‘The Idol’

Sam Levinson and Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, revisit their “Euphoria” partnership for this series about a rising pop star who decides to regain the title of America’s sexiest star and begins a difficult relationship with a selfproclaimed guru. Premieres on HBO Max.


Fernanda Torres is adapting her book of the same name for a series premiering on Globoplay. Directed by Andrucha Waddington, the story follows five friends in Rio de Janeiro and their journeys through life from adolescence to death. Marjorie Estiano and Fábio Assunção are part of the cast.

“Justice” Season 2

Written and idealized by Manuela Dias, the series acclaimed in the first season returns for the second season. The format will be the same as the previous one, but with new characters: four of them will be arrested and will have to face the consequences if they are released from prison. Premiered on Globoplay.