SUCCESS Barbie breaks RECORD and Oppenheimer rocks at the

SUCCESS! “Barbie” breaks RECORD and “Oppenheimer” rocks at the box office

The “Barbeheimer” phenomenon does exist!

Barbie‘ proved to be a hit upon its release and grossed an impressive total $159.4 million at the worldwide box office this Friday (21). (via THR)

In the United States, the production generated considerable income from $70.5 million on Friday, the biggest opening of the year today. This indicates strong acceptance by the North American public. In addition, the international box office has also been impressive, he added $88.9 million.

In view of the resounding success, experts assume that “Barbie‘ is on course for a hugely lucrative world debut, with gross earnings expected to be in the 20s30s $340 million and $360 Millions worldwide in the first weekend.

About the, ‘Oppenheimer“, the longawaited biopic about the creator of the atomic bomb, directed by: Christopher nolanHe didn’t fall behind on his debut either. The film achieved impressive box office results $33 million on the first day in the US, including a preview on Thursday.

Experts point out that the film will have a great start $77 million on his first weekend in the US.

The premiere of “Oppenheimerbecame the highest Rrated film release of the year, even surpassing “John Wick 4‘.

The film also marks acclaimed director Christopher Nolan’s thirdbiggest US premiere, after “The dark knight‘ It is ‘“The Dark Knight Rises”.

Given the impressive performance of ‘OppenheimerExperts believe the film has the potential to gross $1.5 billion worldwide when it debuts $166 million on the first weekend of the exhibition.

Both films will be shown in Brazil. What will you watch first?

Do you remember the trailer for “Barbie‘:

In the fabulous live action of the most famous doll in the world, we follow her daily life in Barbieland the magical world of Barbies, where all versions of the doll live in complete harmony and her only concern is finding the best clothes to go out with her friends and enjoy endless parties. One of the puppets (played by Margot robbie) begins to realize that her life may not be so perfect, she questions the meaning of her existence and alarms her companions. Soon her life in the pink world begins to change and eventually she has to leave Barbieland.

It is worth remembering that the live action was directed by the renowned filmmaker Greta Gerwig (“Lady Bird: Time to Fly”).

The cast also consists of Ryan Gosling, Kate McKinnon, Will Ferrell, America Ferrera, Issa Rae, Michael Cera, Harry New, Ncuti Gatwa, Kingsley Ben Adir, Alexandra Shipp It is Marisa Abela.

greta In addition to his partner, he also signs the screenplay Noah Baumbach.