subpoll indicates who will be eliminated first from BBB 23

subpoll indicates who will be eliminated first from BBB 23 Splash

The public voted and Fred and Marilia are the members of BBB 23’s Secret Room. Now they are contesting the most watched return home in Brazil while the other is eliminated for good.

The result of the dynamics was published on Tuesday evening (24th), the result of the revoting will be available on Thursday (26th).

According to part of the UOL poll, Fred should be returning home around 8am today with 42.57% of the vote. Marília received 57.43% of the votes, making her the first to be eliminated from the reality show.

The score has remained tight since they joined the Secret Room.

How does the secret room work?

  • Fred and Marília were eliminated from the house with 69.26% of the vote in a dispute also involving Key and Gustavo
  • They were taken to a secret room where they can watch the house and listen to the inmates’ conversations through maps.
  • A new poll has been released to the public, and they are competing with each other for viewer preference.
  • On Thursday (26th) one member of the duo returns to the game, the other leaves the BBB 23 for good

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