Study proves that it is possible to boil water in an energysaving manner

Study proves that it is possible to boil water in an energysaving manner

A group of engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a new method to quickly boil water. From studies focused on the physical and chemical events of matter, they were able to observe a pattern of substance behavior. In the laboratory, the first tests have already started with optimism.

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Beforehand, the research members knew about the possible reactions, which made the experiment easier. The final result depended on the interpretation of the phenomena related to evaporation, which can be observed at home when there is something in the pan.

Despite the optimism, the activity is complex and should only be tested in hermetically safe environments to avoid accidents. Affirm that the initiative only becomes useful when a large amount of material is manipulated.

By combining knowledge about molecules, they were able to prove the power of induction cooking

In factories of various industries, water is an indispensable raw material, and the heating process is usually not interfered with. Therefore, employees or a machine easily heat the contents. In this case, they do not try to change the flow of heat, but leave behind a thin layer of small bubbles that create resistance to the release of steam.

By considering the laws of chemistry, they found that by making small movements with a utensil on the surface of the water, boiling occurred in less time. The idea was not to stir constantly, as is the case in culinary preparations, but to create a superficial cleavage that gives space to evaporation.

This final analysis was published in the scientific journal Advanced Materials, which is considered to be of great value for sustainable processes to be adopted by large companies.