Students and teachers receive an award for promoting environmental protection

Students and teachers receive an award for promoting environmental protection Radio Guaimaro

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Augusto Ángel Maya Prize for Environmental Education / Image from the web Colombia, Jan. 28- A group of 5 teachers from different public schools in Bogotá and 5 students from José Félix Restrepo’s official school received the Augusto Ángel Maya Prize for Environmental Education, awarded by the District Environment Secretariat.

This award is a source of pride for education in Bogotá and is awarded thanks to the work of the District Education Secretariat together with the educational institutions that have appropriated the environmental education processes in the city through the Environmental Projects (PRAE). the Environmental Social Service and the Protective, Reliable and Safe Educational Environments (ECO) program.

Julio Cesar Alfaro, an 11th grade student at the José Félix School, says that the project for which he was awarded is aimed at restoring the upper Fucha river basin and this award is for almost the 400 students who are currently part of this initiative. “This is a great push to continue river restoration while raising awareness in the community for water body restoration.”

To date, this administration has supported the strengthening of the PRAE 300 district schools. There are already 60 who have implemented the environmental social service strategy.

Today, 50 institutions actively participate in the dog patrol workshops, impacting 1,500 students of all levels.

The following is a trill from the Ministry of Education in connection with the award ceremony:

The work at this school has focused on the use of technologies from the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the service of the environment, including issues related to sustainable mobility solutions, gray water treatment, bee reproduction, smart gardens.

The honored teachers and students were:

Shirley Benavides from the Álvaro Gómez Hurtado School (IED); Luz Ángela Huertas from the Campestre Monte Verde School (IED), Luz Adriana Lozano from the Sierra Morena School (IED); José Leonardo Quintero from Benjamín Herrera Technical College (IED); Wilson Hernán Pérez from the Jorge Gaitán Cortés School (IED) and 5 student environmental officers from the José Félix Restrepo School (IED).

Currently, the unit is progressing in strategic alliances with universities such as the Pedagogical, the National and the Rosario, with the Colombian Academy of Sciences and entities such as the Secretariats of Environment, Habitat and Health to strengthen the pedagogical processes of the schools within the framework of the PRAE and the environmental social service.

The District Secretariat for the Environment awards this award to city environmental leaders, communities, organizations, businesses, schools, universities and strategic actors who help promote sustainable relationships between the city’s natural system and its citizens.