Student dies after being bitten by black mamba in classroom

Student dies after being bitten by black mamba in classroom

A high school student at a school in Zimbabwe’s Rushinga district died in class after being bitten by a black mamba. According to local newspaper Herald, 17yearold Melody Chiputura was attacked by the reptile on one of her thighs while returning from sports training.

The highly venomous snake was killed shortly afterwards by some students while the victim was taken to the hospital. However, Melody did not fight back and died during the journey.

In an interview with the Herald, Joseph Chiputura, the student’s father, said he received a call about the incident 10 minutes after the animal’s bite: “When we got there it was too late,” he lamented, “it’s hard to.” accept and it hurts.”

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So far, Joseph cannot understand how the black mamba got into the classroom and bit his daughter. The school’s director, Christopher Murenga, told the publication that she was attacked while sitting in the seat she always occupied in the enclosure. “Students panicked, with some jumping out of windows. Some of the boys took Melody outside and called for help,” he recalled.

Murenga said everyone is in shock and has no idea where the snake came from. According to him, the classrooms are far from the natural habitat of these animals.

Themba Mangwiro, deputy director of education for the central province of Mahsonaland, where Rushinga district is located, adds that there was no tall grass around the school building and was told the snake in question crossed a nearby road after someone caught it had attacked.

“This incident makes us realize that we need to improve disaster risk management, which is given too little attention in schools,” Mangwiro said. There is no information yet on whether anyone could be held legally responsible for the death.

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