"strong storms"    Heavy hailstorms approaching

"strong storms" Heavy hailstorms approaching

The new week in Austria not only brings the next heat wave of up to 36 degrees but also brings violent storms in the luggage again.

A complex low pressure core over the British Isles is felt on Assumption Day in Austria. The western part of the country, in particular, is under the influence of a high-altitude trough, and as the air mass becomes unstable, thunderstorms can occur, some of which are severe. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the influence of high pressure will lead to a temporary lull in the weather, while very hot air will hit us at the same time. On Thursday there will be an increasingly western high-level current again, so the weekend will be unstable.

“Extreme Heat” is Coming – Forecast Hammer to the East

At the Monday in the south and east the sun predominates in long stretches with only harmless clouds. In the west, some clouds will move from the start and thunder rains are already falling on Vorarlberg and Ausserfern. During the day, cumulus clouds are forming more and more in the mountains, and from North Tyrol, sometimes heavy rains and thunderstorms are spreading on the north side of the Alps. At night, the probability of thunderstorms will also increase in the east. Maximum values ​​are between 22 and 32 degrees from west to east.

Of Tuesday starts in the north and east with some clouds and in some places there will also be showers. In the Alps, too, there will initially be residual clouds of high fog, but these usually loosen in the course of the morning. Some cumulus clouds will form in the afternoon, but apart from some heat storms from the Gurktal and Lavanttal Alps, it will remain dry until the change. In the east, moderate to strong westerly winds initially blow and the maximum values ​​are between 26 and 31 degrees.

36 degrees on Thursday

At the Wednesday shines early in the morning, the sun spreads. During the day, there are usually only loose cumulus clouds over the mountains, only in the extreme west the clouds become denser and the risk of rain and thunderstorms increases a little. The wind usually blows moderately from the south, in the Alps it gets slightly foehn. Maximum values ​​are 28 to 34 degrees in mid-summer.

Of Thursday brings mixed climate. Clouds will predominate in the west and rain showers will occur in the morning. During the day, they spread to Upper Carinthia, and there are also strong storms along the northern Alps. In the eastern half, on the other hand, the sun shines brightly with only harmless clouds. The wind is partly strong from the south, in the Alps there is a strong foehn. At night, strong westerly winds will pick up in the north. Temperatures reach from west to east from 22 to 36 degrees.

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