Striscia la Notia, Soumahoro’s dirty game: "What has he always put off"

Striscia la Notia, Soumahoro’s dirty game: "What has he always put off"

Striscia la Notia Soumahoros dirty game quotWhat has he always

Strip off the news continue to expose all lies Aboubakar Soumahoro included in the defense dossier, with which the former trade unionist tried to answer many doubts, especially about his work with the Lega Braccanti. The satirical news of Canale 5 returned to cover the honorable deputy’s case with Pinuccio, to which it devoted this time Fundraiser “Food and Rights”born with the noble purpose of helping workers during the covid pandemic.

Soumahoro, bad income is a coincidence.  Political bomb: How do you pay for the cottage?

“Specifically – we read in the Striscia la Notia previews – about the never-before-seen delivery of basic necessities in Abruzzo, an event organized by Soumahoro’s former close friend, Yacouba Saganogo. In the dossier, the former unionist claims that he was unable to go to Pescara because of grief and accuses Saganogo of not having reorganized the event.” But it was his friend who told the Striscia microphones that “the delivery at least four times was postponed and it never came. I asked Abu that if he couldn’t come personally, he could at least send us the van with the food, but nothing: he always wanted to postpone. People thought we screwed them up.”

What money ended up in his account: Strip, atomic bomb on Soumahoro

“Certainly – commented the satirical news – not a good impression from those who posed as champions of the workers: ‘I was a worker and a digger,’ Soumahoro repeated on TV. But even in this case it was Yacouba Saganogo himself who confided to Pinuccio that “Abu never worked as a labourer, he never worked the land or the fields”.