1673775446 Striscia La Notia Fiorello blurts out with Staffelli quotIf you

Striscia La Notia, Fiorello blurts out with Staffelli: "If you cut it, you’re a shit!” The weather

Striscia La Notia Fiorello blurts out with Staffelli quotIf you

The friendship between Fiorello and Valerio Staffelli ends badly: “If you can do it, you’re a Me**a”. The Goliard handover of the Golden Tapir, the strike-through prize “Striscia la Notia” to the Sicilian showman for spoiling the pregnancy of the singer Nina Zilli ended in a mutual exchange of scathing jokes on Mediaset, which this year decided to host the counter-program to shape Sanremo Festival out of defiance (rumoured CEO Piersilvio Berlusconi didn’t like that Amadeus denied having asked Silvia Toffanin to co-host an evening) and because of the alleged “gnawing” of the director of Tg1, Monica Maggioni, for Fiorello’s exception Auditel -Data (she defied him and forced him to switch to Rai2, ed.).

Fiorello strip with Tapir after catastrophic slip-up with Nina Zilli

The relaxed and playful atmosphere prompted the artist to promote the resumption of his “VivaRai2” program on Mediaset: “We’ll be back on Monday January 16th… shall we say? If you cut it, you’re a shit!” A tasty and involuntary curtain rose thanks to Staffelli’s instant reply: “Since I’m not, I keep the call!”, “Don’t you cut? Including shit? Promise?” said Fiorello and the correspondent of the satirical news to everyone’s laughter: “Mer***sima!”.