Striscia la Anmerkungia Enzo Iacchetti beaten the riot takes place

Striscia la Anmerkungia, Enzo Iacchetti beaten: the riot takes place

Striscia la Anmerkungia Enzo Iacchetti beaten the riot takes place

The well-known conductor Enzo Iacchetti had a bad experience during the live Striscia la Notia

Without doubt Enzo Iacchetti is one of the most important figures in the world of entertainment. Today his character is mainly associated with the satirical news Strip off the newswhich he has headed, with interruptions, for about twenty years.

Consequently, his name is closely linked to that of his colleague Ezio Greggio. The two entered into a successful professional partnership many years ago and are today one of the longest-lasting couples that is only formed by colleagues Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti.

Together they direct Canale 5’s programming, but have also worked on films and TV series; They are also often invited to other programs, always together. For this reason, many were surprised when Ezio Greggio explained during a guest performance a few years ago very correctthat there is no real friendship between them.

TO Silvia Toffanin In fact, he revealed that he considers Enzo Iacchetti more of a lifelong deskmate than a friend. There is a lot of respect between the two, but outside of the television studios they are not related, they have two very different lives.

Enzo Iacchetti, the fight live

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Despite this, Enzo Iacchetti and Ezio Greggio continue to work side by side with great enthusiasm. Like all famous people, they are known for themselves love life.

The first was married to entertainment stranger Roberta for many years, with whom he has his son Martino, who was born in 1986. He also had a relationship with the former Tissue from 2002 to 2007 Maddalena Corvaglia, known directly on the set of Striscia la Notia. The colleague, on the other hand, has two children, Giacomo and Gabriele, from his ex-wife Isabel Bengochea and is now engaged to Simona Gobbi after a long relationship Romina Pierdomenico.

But what is this story that Enzo Iacchetti was beat up? Luckily it’s only one hoax which goes back several months. The first episode of 2022 actually started with an unexpected sketch, in which the presenter appeared in a ski suit. He jokingly explained that he had persuaded the people who were with him in the mountains to follow him, but it was foggy and so he took the wrong road and found himself in Milan. The group didn’t react well to the news and immediately surrounded the host to punish him, to the astonishment and laughter of the audience and colleague.