Strip doesn’t give up on Soumahoro: "money in your account"Bombshell on Fundraising

Strip doesn’t give up on Soumahoro: "money in your account"Bombshell on Fundraising

Strip doesnt give up on Soumahoro quotmoney in your accountquotBombshell

Striscia la Noticeia’s grip on Aboubakar Soumahoro, the Left-Green MP elected by the Left and Greens, has been overwhelmed by the co-op scandal involving his partner and mother-in-law. The satirical news from Canale 5 of Tuesday 17 January points the finger at what Soumahoro said in the defense dossier drawn up in recent days and finds numerous anomalies in activity with the Lega Braccanti.

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Punuccio, Striscia correspondent, dives into the canvas of the “Food and Rights” collection to help workers’ families during the Covid, but “as already shown in the satirical news, the donations made through the GoFundMe platform (over 225,000 euros ) Instead of reaching Lega workers, they went straight to Aboubakar Soumahoro’s personal bank account,” the accusation reads.

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In the dossier in his defense, Soumahoro claims to have used his account for some difficulties in filing the statute of the newly formed Lega Braccanti. However, there was another solution proposed by two other members of the Lega Braccianti, Soumaila Sambare and Mamadou Balde, namely to open another account in Foggia to be used for the Torretta Antonacci ghetto in case of an emergency due to Covid. But it didn’t happen. Once the lockdown is over, the two partners ask Soumahoro to see the fundraising budget but are kicked out of the Lega Braccianti.

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The question-and-answer conversation between the MP and Antonio Ricci’s satirical messages has been going on for weeks. Pinuccio counters the accusation that the two ex-partners were paid for the interview, but reports on the administration of the accounts of the Lega Braccianti appear before the testimony of the two. In short, the soap opera goes on and it’s certain that we’ll see some good ones yet.