Strike of the generalists tribute to Pele beautiful performance of

Strike of the generalists, tribute to Pelé, beautiful performance of the cinema in 2022 … The striking news of this Monday

GP strike continues

Since Boxing Day, the liberal doctors have been on strike this week, which they started the day after Christmas, in order to improve consultations, we learned on Monday from the collective at the initiative of the mobilization. On Thursday they are organizing a national demonstration in Paris.

Brazilians pay tribute to Pelé

The wake of legendary Brazilian footballer Pelé began on Monday with the opening of the doors of the Vila Belmiro stadium in Santos for a final tribute from fans in front of the coffin resting in the middle of the turf of his first exploits, an AFP journalist noted.

The cinemas won back their audience in 2022

152 million admissions in 2022. It’s better than 2021 but worse than before the health crisis. The French returned to the cinema in 2022, as the National Center for Cinema and Animated Image (CNC) announced on Monday.

Heavy defeat for ASM against Toulouse

The Clermontois start the year as they ended the previous one: with a loss. After falling after the siren in Brive last week, ASM did not fool themselves for long this Sunday night against Stade Toulousain. In a sold-out Michelin show, Gibbes and his men suffered a severe setback (13-32) to drop to 11th in the top 14.

A deserved win for Clermont Foot

2023 could not have started better for Clermont Foot. While unbeaten in a run of six games, the Auvergnats returned to victory this Sunday in Lyon (0-1).

Moroccos qualification for the quarter finals of the World Cup.svg

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Lula invested in Brazil

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was sworn in for a third term as Brazil’s president on Sunday before a flood of red-clad supporters swept through the capital’s Congress in Brasilia. His predecessor left the country.

Russian strikes in Kyiv, Ukrainian strikes near Donetsk

There will be no ceasefire in Ukraine at the turn of the year. At least four people were killed in Russian attacks early Monday morning in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. A fresh airstrike targeted Kyiv at dawn Monday, after a New Year’s Day marked by dozens of Russian airstrikes that killed at least four people in the capital and elsewhere in the country.

At least 63 Russian soldiers were killed in a Ukrainian attack on the eastern Ukrainian town of Makiivka, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday, with Ukrainian authorities citing a much higher number.

Reassessment of the minimum wage, free condoms, disappearance of the red seal … Like every New Year, some new things are to be expected in the life of the French: we tell you everything here.