Strike against pension reform: air chaos threatens Paris on Thursday

Strike against pension reform: air chaos threatens Paris on Thursday

One in five Orly flights were canceled on strike day. The strike is directed against the pension reform planned by the French government.

Due to the announced big strike against the planned pension reform in France, there is a risk of cancellations and delays at Orly airport in Paris on Thursday. The Directorate-General for Civil Aviation said on Tuesday it had asked airlines to cancel one in five flights at Orly on the day of the strike.

Despite these precautionary measures, interruptions and delays are to be expected. Travelers should reschedule their flight if possible. There are also likely to be restrictions on French rail services due to Thursday’s strikes.

Retirement age will be raised to 64

President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist government announced a week ago that it would gradually raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. The number of years of pay needed for a full pension is expected to increase faster than previously planned. Various individual pension schemes with privileges for some professional groups must be abolished. The government, on the other hand, wants to raise the minimum pension to around 1,200 euros a month.

Currently, the retirement age in France is 62. Those who have not paid enough time at this age to be entitled to a full pension are sometimes able to work longer. At age 67, full pension entitlement applies regardless of length of contribution – the government wants to maintain this. She justifies her approach with the fact that the pension system will no longer finance itself in the long term.