Street poet finds his rose from Guadalupe in Spain and they make the journey of love

Street poet finds his rose from Guadalupe in Spain and they make the journey of love

Santo Domingo. DR

El Poeta Callejero feels he is “giving the best of me, I’m focused, I’m disciplined and I’m in good hands…”. When he speaks of the good hands that hold him, he is undoubtedly referring to his partner, whom he described as “the love of his life” and with whom he has developed a story between Europe and America.

“I thank God for my partner Guadalupe. He’s like a right hand man, he knows music and being from Madrid is a help for European culture,” he said during a press conference for the release of his new album entitled Gracias.

Despite the lovers spotted through the networks, the Spaniard confessed that things weren’t like that from the start because everything was seen as a purely professional relationship.

How did you meet? “He wanted to tour Europe, I work in a company as a music promoter, he contacted me through a mutual friend who wanted to tour with us,” Guadalupe told Listin Diario.

The love they profess today was born between work meetings, according to the couple, and keeps them so united that they perform the Madrid-born artist’s first single together, titled ‘Baby’.

“It was all normal at first, like a professional talk, work meetings for the tour, and then it all got a little bit more personal until we fell in love,” she said.

Both focus on love but also on the new music production that renews the discography of Gabriel Santana (his real name) who has made a long journey as a pioneer of Dominican urban music.


The journey has been long for this pioneer of national urban music who seeks a revival in the hands of his fifth album.

With “Thank you” Gabriel tries to “be who he was” again This includes various topics centered on his reasons for being grateful and a close collaboration with what he began as his music patron and who is now his partner Guadalupe.

“Thank you to those who buy notebooks with my face, to those who wore expensive clothes to see me at a party, thank you to those who see me from the stands, to those who buy VIP ticket offices at the entrance , thanks to those who come to ask me to sign a pot, they ask me for a photo and they tell me: Poe, you are a monster,” recited the exponent, who affirmed that he lives his prime through divine grace without the support of a record company or an investor.

hit and reject

Different processes in all areas of his life, especially personal, have led the poet to this suffer a loss of popularity Product of the “mishaps” that he himself acknowledged and which essentially derive from his signing with the international label “Universal Music”.

Universal followed Poe’s path at his peak. First and foremost, being a fully independent artist, he lacked legal solutions that could avoid future trouble over all the feats he had accomplished.

The label’s intention was to organize all those details and then reboot the singer, but that took too long, leading to desperation in Poe and his audience, who eagerly awaited each new lyric.

The rap he stopped doing didn’t feed him for two years, newly married and with a little girl, his mental state was deteriorating and was evident when he returned to show off in the arena after his song “Vídeos y Photos” was leaked.

The hit of what the record company couldn’t and actions that went viral, like staring in the middle of an interview with Luz García, have tainted the public image they’re trying to salvage today.

With Gracias, the singer of hits like “Bonita Bonita” is trying to re-establish himself as he was before he signed with the international company and thinks authenticity is the way to go.

Between God and the world

Since his return to the arena, the San Juan man has distinguished himself by carrying a sermon message, which he sees falling multiple times when, after divine exaltation, the craving for punch sees a song with a message contrary to biblical principles.

This pattern has been criticized on various occasions by connoisseurs of the Word of God, who affirm the imbalance in the weight of its messages, echoing the famous saying “You cannot be with God and the world,” which Gabriel argued was in a constant struggle oppose the flesh.

“I am human, I have a spiritual part and I try very hard to be the spirit within me, but I also have the flesh and a thorn that thrives on piercing me.”

christian themes

The new CD, which has taken two years to produce, maintains a particularly Christian lineage, with three songs dedicated to Jehovah and the rest secular, however their hopes for this new production are mainly pinned on their songs “Pásame el Trago”. , a reggaeton, and “Infinito”, a bachata.

He next hinted that “Gloria” was one of his favorites, along with “Gracias” (intro of the production) and “Regreso” along with ministerial duo Tercer Cielo.

Gracias, has an enriching rhythmic variety that shows the versatility that has always characterized the artist, from a merengue in homage to Juan Luis Guerra, dubbed “Burbujas de amor” after the veteran’s own success, to rap and other urban ones Rhythms he tends mostly like “Baby” along with his current girlfriend Guadalupe.

Other collaborations he has worked with include Porque Tu Eres Tan Linda with rapper Quimico Ultramega, Tu Me Gustas with Puerto Rican duo Zion y Lennox, Lo Mío with César Ac and No le baje with Los Blanquitos.

Also present on the billboard are the solo hits “Amén”, “Candela”, “No Le Baje”, “Mujer Perfecta” and “La Carretera”, available on all digital platforms.