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Stranger Things: Writers Reveal Which Moments In Season 4 Were Impromptu

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The fourth season of Stranger Things was an absolute success and revealed many of the big mysteries surrounding the wrong world. But it was the small moments that drew tears and sighs from the audience. It turns out that according to the screenwriters, many of these moments were improvised by the actors themselves.

The last episodes that reached Netflix In early July, written by the series creators themselves, Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer. And in a special account of chirpthe duo decided to reveal fun facts about this writing process, including moments that weren’t originally planned.

Below is a scene in between dustin and eddie, before the Vecna ​​hunt plan kicks in. As they prepare for the suicide mission, Eddie opens his heart and says “I love you man” for your young friend. The moment surprised everyone because of its sincerity and was a spontaneous idea Joseph Quinn.

Behind the scenes of the recordings of the last episodes

the kiss in between funnel and JoyceThe film, long awaited by fans, was not originally in the script either. The recording was made by the actors themselves on the day of recording. Like the moment when Luke asks for help Erikawhen you’re desperately trying to save Max.

A kiss between Hopper and Joyce almost never happened.

After so many years feeling the emotions of these characters, the actors seem to have understood their mindset better than the show’s creators themselves. What do you think of the additions? Don’t forget to comment!

stranger things 4 is available at Netflix.

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