Stranger Things Season 5 clues could reveal a tragic fact

Stranger Things: Season 5 clues could reveal a tragic fact

The series, which won the hearts of “strangers” on the service, is now in its fifth season and promises to be an impressive installment for fans. The truth is that over the years, Stranger Things hints at a sad event that will happen in its sequel, but that many still don’t realize.

Do you want to know what that fact is? Read on and stay on topic!

Season 5 will probably make you cry

Throughout the series, there have been clues that point down a path that will likely end in Season 5. But keep calm! We’re not saying that the series will end, but that someone very important to the storyline will move from it to a better one I mean, it’s very likely to happen.

If we stop to analyze each season, we’ll find that a certain character, who isn’t that focused during episodes, is the center of the whole story. No, we’re not talking about Eleven, we’re talking about Will Byers!

Going back to the first season, the story revolves around Will with each passing season. We’ll also note that the boy Byers has been directly connected to Upside Down ever since he was kidnapped.

That said, in season 4 we meet the lord of the topsyturvy world, the much feared Vecna. And if we think a little deeper, Will is connected to the upsidedown where Vecna ​​is in charge of everything, that is, consequently Will is also connected to the villain.

Another odd point is that one of the creators of the series stated that cute boy Byers will be the focus of Season 5; So if we put the clues together, we know what’s coming.

Everything points to the boy having to sacrifice himself to save his friends due to the connection the boy has with Vecna. This will surely break the hearts of fans of the series.

But before we start crying, let’s remember that this is just a theory (which makes a lot of sense!). To be sure, just wait for Stranger Things Season 5 to know, which will be released very soon.