Stranger Things’ Jamie Campbell slams Bolsonaro: ‘Complete asshole’

Stranger Things’ Jamie Campbell slams Bolsonaro: ‘Complete asshole’

Although Jamie Campbell Bower, 33, is now known as Vecna ​​from “Stranger Things,” he’s also known in music. Now the star has released the single “I Am,” and in the process she’s opening up about her affinity for villains. In an interview with Vulture, he commented on the launch and spoke to Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

The star, who signed on to the song as Jamie Bower, opened up a little bit about what the new song and its music video, which features him as a villain preacher, detailing his relationship with villainy, especially after he starred as the villain on the Netflix series had played.

“What he went through with Vecna ​​is what shaped him to become the person he is. And that’s my relationship with Vecna ​​ we’re not talking about Bolsonaro’s p****, who is a complete asshole,” he began.

Nevertheless, he clarified what he understands by darkness and how he sees it in his life. For the famous, it is present in every human being and is an integral part of everyone.

“I feel like people often get very scared when they hear the word darkness. They think it’s evil, but I don’t. I think [a escuridão] is a necessary part of all of us that lives in every human being,” he concluded.

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, Jamie Campbell shocked viewers with his character. In the song “I Am,” it taps into some of the villain’s “darkness” in a more countrywestern style.