Storms of abnormal rage looming in Italy Weather video newspaper

Storms of abnormal rage looming in Italy. Weather video newspaper weather

This video was shot in Ontario, we are located in Canada. Still, particularly violent thunderstorms can form here, but what has happened in the United States of America and Canada in recent weeks is exceptional.

Ontario typically sees severe thunderstorms a little later in the season than the United States because the climate is significantly colder there. But recently, a heat wave has hit this area, and the arrival of the first fringes of this cold front, which brings snow to western Canada and the rocky mountains like Colorado, has triggered violent thermal contrasts with thunderstorms of extreme magnitude.

And these are the thermal contrasts that in the coming days will also appear in the regions of northern Italy where there is a risk of extreme weather events. In addition, they have also appeared in Central Europe these days.

The weather video is more than eloquent, and there are dozens and dozens of similar records of thunderstorms hitting this part of Canada in the last 24 hours.