Stimulus Check Payments in 2023 in These States of the

Stimulus Check Payments in 2023 in These States of the United States Cuban Directory

In response to the March 2020 pandemic, the US economy went into full shutdown mode. For this reason, and with the aim of supporting businesses and consumers, the US government has launched a series of stimulus packages.

However, federal payments have long since stopped, although several federal states are in the process of distributing aid.

Some areas still have 2023 payments on their schedule, although a large number of programs ended in 2022.

WhatHow big are the checks and which states still have payments this year?

California is one of those states. That territory approved relief checks for up to $1050.00 in 2022, but about 5% of that was issued in the first half of January.

Here, reimbursable amounts started at $350.00 and were based on a combination of income, household size, and tax filing status. Exceptions are singles earning $250,000 or more and couples earning at least $500,000.

On the other hand, Coloradans who filed their 2021 taxes on time have likely already received $750.00 in singles payments. Also before September 30, joint taxpayers should have received $1050.00. However, those who requested an extension before the Oct. 17 deadline were able to receive their payment by Jan. 31.

In the case of Idaho, reimbursements for the 2022 special session have been approved and will be paid out in late March of this year. The amount equals 10% of the tax liability on a taxpayer’s income in 2020.

$2 billion in property tax refunds sent in New Jersey. The two million beneficiary residents are eligible for $450.00 as long as they earn no more than $150,000. These payments are scheduled to be made by May 2023.

Pennsylvania began making payments to elderly renters, homeowners, and people with disabilities in July 2022. However, the application deadline was December 31, allowing payments to extend into the 2023 limit.

In South Carolina, those who filed their tax returns after the Oct. 17 deadline but before Feb. 15 will receive their payments in March.