Still no gas transit to Italy

Still no gas transit to Italy

Italian energy company Eni announced on Sunday that, despite orders, no gas from Russia’s Gazprom would flow into the country on Monday.

In a statement posted on the platform of Italian energy exchange operator GME, Eni said the situation is expected to remain unchanged until October 4, adding that more information will be released on the matter.

Italy has enough natural gas for winter

Eni, the biggest Russian gas importer in Italy, indicated on Saturday that Russian gas supplies through the Tarvisio entry point would be zeroed this weekend. Gazprom attributed the disruption to new regulations in the transit country Austria that took effect earlier this month. However, more gas has recently flowed from Italy to Austria than vice versa. The Mediterranean country is supplied by Algeria from North Africa.

According to Energy Minister Roberto Cingolani, Italy has stored enough natural gas and inflows to survive the winter. This is on the condition that there are no “catastrophic events” such as very cold winter months, Cingolani told broadcaster Rai Tre on Sunday. “The problem now is not availability, it’s price.”