Stephen King describes the Trump presidency as follows: “Terrible.  He’s a sociopath’

Stephen King describes the Trump presidency as follows: “Terrible. He’s a sociopath’

Writer Stephen King, in his most recent interview, wanted to reflect on the four-year presidency of the always controversial Donald Trump, whose summer home of Mar-a-Lago was the subject of an FBI raid last week, among other classified documents he was looking for highly sensitive information about nuclear weapons being used in ” wrong hands”.

The acclaimed horror novelist was very clear when it came to defining both the figure of the President and the man who occupied the White House shortly after Barack Obama. In both cases, the businessman has been described as “terrible” and King has shown his belief that Trump was involved in criminal activity.

“I think Trump was a terrible president and that he is a terrible person. I also think he had criminal behavior, I think he’s a sociopath who tried to undo the decision of the American people. He couldn’t admit that he hadn’t been able to fulfill his political dream, he didn’t admit that he had lost the election,” King told The Times.

On a more positive note, the author asserts that the “force of fascism” is over-represented in the United States, recalling that Hillary Clinton received three million more votes in the 2016 election than her opponent gave her, despite the peculiarities of the electoral system Republican victory. “People who don’t believe in climate change, that’s a problem, but all the madness they launch from QAnon only reaches the press. Let’s remember Clinton got three million votes more than Trump and Biden beat him by seven million,” he pointed out.