Stefano De Martino the revelations about the flop on LIsola

Stefano De Martino, the revelations about the flop on L’Isola dei Famosi: “I’ll tell you what happened”


If there’s one thing he regrets about his television career, it’s precisely the role of correspondent in the reality show that airs today on Canale 5

Stefano De Martino the revelations about the flop on LIsola

Posted on January 2, 2023

Stephen DeMartino is preparing to go on the air with the final week of starry bar on Rai Due. To mark the occasion, Tv Blog interviewed the presenter and talked about his career on television so far. One of the first jobs he did on the small screen was at theIsland of the Famous, where he served as an ambassador. The well-informed people already know that Stefano has regretted this job to a certain extent. He wasn’t comfortable, he didn’t like it and he realized that he wasn’t cut out for this kind of television. His later work in Rai was fun and he found his dimension. in which it grows.

In today’s interview, Stefano unsurprisingly reiterated that Isola wasn’t the best way to start. To talk about it, he started from advice he had given him Maria DeFilippi, or always be yourself while watching TV. However, he did not always manage to implement this advice and spoke of the reality show in this regard. De Martino explained why he wasn’t comfortable on the island:

“The experience as a correspondent from Isola dei Famosi was very tiring because I couldn’t do it there. However, thanks to this experience, I understood where my limits were and, above all, what I could have become.”

The greatest thanks can only go to Maria, who initially believed in him and directed him toward a television career other than dance. “The biggest thank you always goes to the person who guided you the first time, because after that I started from a base that they created for me anyway,” he said of the Mediaset presenter. And that’s why he couldn’t say no to her last year when she took part as a judge at the Serale di Amici and waived a Rai line.

Not only Anything is possible tonight to his successes, now too Star Bar by Stefano De Martino convinced. Not everyone, of course, but they like it. There was no lack of criticism, in fact there were some who were not very generous towards him. Nevertheless, he is satisfied with this project, feels comfortable and happy to make one of his dreams come true: making television inspired by Renzo Arbore. This the Stefano’s reaction to criticism:

“It wasn’t always easy because the idea was ambitious […]. However, the second Rai2 evening allowed us to experiment and gradually find our way around. For me the program now has its own code, its own nature. For me, Renzo is incomparable, he is just an inspiration: I hope that those who know the TV he made will not fall into the trivial comparison, but will see the good in it, because we do not want to copy this TV, but simply carry away a certain kind of climate”

Finally, a mention of the comparison with Amadeus. A comparison that emerges from the fact that Stefano has inherited the legacy of Tonight’s hosting where anything is possible. De Martino does not let Amadeus regret it and according to him this is why:

“The only way not to regret successful management is to find your own way and not to emulate the management style that came before you. Amadeus and I have a generational and career gap, mine has just begun, his is in a period of glorification. I felt very small there initially and didn’t want to emulate that confidence that he has. So I understood that if I put myself at risk and respected my personality, in this case at least it would help me to find a key to cope with management.