Stefano De Martino Celentanos prophecy came true quotI expected itquot

Stefano De Martino, Celentano’s prophecy came true: "I expected it" SoloCine SoloCine

His motto is better a hard truth today than an uncertain future tomorrow. Who are we talking about? From the intact and very combative Alessandra Celentano, historical dance teacher of the Amici di Maria De Filippi since 2003, i.e. from the first edition where the program bears the name it still bears, who, in an interview with the magazine Oggi, takes stock of her twenty Years attracts television experience, where she also had the opportunity to talk about what, in her opinion, is the best dancer who passed the prestigious school. It’s about Belen’s husband…

How it has changed the students’ approach over the years, who was the show’s best dancer, the predictions about the boys’ future and the iron discipline as a beacon: these are the hottest and most captivating topics touched by the granddaughter of the legendary Molleilato during her job interview …

the best dancer according to Alessandra CelentanoStefano De Martino according to Alessandra Celentano

“Today the boys are leaner, more ready for an adventure of this kind. But when I ask: ‘Did you expect it to be this difficult?’ they answer me: “From the outside you can see that it is difficult, but not so much”. Effectively Anyone who faces talent does not afford to take a health walk. You work hard, but you also reap the rewards of wasting so much energy,2 the teacher revealed, adding, “There are a lot of young people who stood out after the experience on the show. I fly and make a career bright and durable.

Today’s children dream of “simple success”

Still on the subject of approaching the always quite numerous talents at the prestigious Queen Mary School, Alessandra noted that in recent years the impatience on the part of the boys has increased and in her opinion “ORthey want everything now”, as well as “simple success”.

She pledges to teach them the exact opposite instead, knowing full well that great results come with effort and time, without ever climbing the levels. His words: “Dance is an all-encompassing art that demands absolute commitment. As a young girl I trained for hours, I gave up going out with friends, there were no parties or weekends, just work and study. But children are psychologically unwilling to make sacrifices. and It’s not their fault, it’s the parents’ and teachers’ fault“.

At work he is very similar to his famous uncle

there Austerity by Celentano it is then – to put it mildly – legendary. For her, being uncompromising is a philosophy of life that aims to be good for her students. And that can be summed up almost perfectly in one sentence: “Better a hard truth today than an uncertain future tomorrow“. Alessandra then remarked that her rigidity is not dictated by personal ends, as is often rumoured, but used for the good of the students. It is a pity, as she herself well understood, that this is not often understood!

“I’m straight-forward and I think I’m doing good, not evil. I was misunderstood, seen as bad and not a realist“, explained in this context the woman who has a very famous uncle, that is the mythical Adriano, who – apparently – has always been followed with great interest the talent of Maria De Filippdas. But what does he think of his approach? “He never told me I was too strict. When he works, there is nothing for anyone, and we are similar in that.

the best dancer according to Alessandra CelentanoStefano De Martino according to Alessandra Celentano

Moving on to the student chapter, who do you think was the best dancer/actress of all editions of Friends, made a name that wrote the history of talent, that is beta although, as you recalled, she was never a student of his. But at the end of her interview, Alessandra also spoke about it “forecasts” in which it seems that she is particularly moved! One – in particular – affected Stefano de Martino. And what would he ever predict? In practice, he had predicted that he would not have a brilliant career world of dance. This is his prophecy: “I had foreseen it. I said him: “You like being the protagonist, you will see that you will do other things“. And so it was! “.

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