Stefania Sandrelli and the Crisis with Giovanni Soldieri: "I would like at least one…

Stefania Sandrelli and the Crisis with Giovanni Soldieri: "I would like at least one…

From great beauty to great sadness. While the Venice Film Festival is waiting for her reward, the actress at the kiosk only confides in the weekly newspaper Oggi. And she reveals that she’s a diva all by herself

Stefania Sandrelli is expected at the Venice Film Festival with the film “Acqua e Anice” by Corrado Ceron. And also to receive the prestigious Bianchi Award. On the evening before the event, he conducted an extensive interview with the weekly newspaper Oggi at the kiosk. In which he talks about cinema, but not only – Photos | Videos 1 | videos 2

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!  P!  Today!  IS!  0036.2022!  N!  36 SANDRELLI COVERS!  E!  .pdf“WORKING LIFE COMES TO THE END” – “Cinema is my life, but what else can you offer me?” Stefania Sandrelli begins with Oggi (clock). “I’ve done more than a hundred films, television, theater, I’ve staged an opera. I really enjoyed filming Acqua e Anice, but my professional life is about to end. if i’m sorry But no, I’ve given so much, I’ve done so much… I’m just worried that if I stop working, my standard of living will change ».

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THE CRISIS WITH COMPANION GIOVANNI SOLDATI – Stefania Sandrelli also honestly tells the weekly Oggi at the kiosk about the difficult time she is going through after her partner, the director Giovanni soldi, was forced into a long hospital stay: «He got sick, he needed help. I couldn’t not be there. I couldn’t.” But the illness was part of a couple crisis that Sandrelli talks about for the first time: “Maybe it’s right now to do it, right for me. It’s good for me … When he got sick, we had had enough for a long time . I was distracted by other people, he probably was too. We felt obligated to live together. The last few years with him have been years of renunciation. Affection. To a caress ». The actress admits: «He is an honest man. He never pretends … Maybe he’s tired of being too demanding a woman, of being Sandrelli’s man”. Who admits: “Leaving us might be better for Giovanni than for me. I would like to have him with me again, always , always “.