Stash of The Kolors is father again: “Imagine Fiordispino is born”, and the name triggers…

Stash of The Kolors is father again: “Imagine Fiordispino is born”, and the name triggers…

Imagine Fiordispino were born. There are no words that can describe what we are going through right now…”. stack, leader of the Kolors, announces the birth of second daughter Imagine, born out of love with his partner Giulia Belmonte. The singer, already Grace’s father, shared a few shots of the new addition at the Fiordispino home on Instagram and the network was ecstatic with well wishes and congratulations. At the moment, the artist hasn’t explained the reason for the name Imagine, but there are people who think it’s a homage to the John Lennon song of the same name. But a name that stands also awaken the hilarity of part of the web. “Dad, who joked about my name when I was born?” “Imagine, all people,” someone writes, “and I thought Blu Jerusalema Vacchi was a bit risky. But Imagine Fiordispino really beats them all”. In recent days, however, Stash has explained his special relationship with his partner’s belly: “One of the most absurd things about pregnancy is the ‘connection’ that is made with the belly! The stomach gives off something strong, it is addictive… I don’t know if that happens to everyone, but I’m experiencing the exact same feeling for the second time. Such an intense bond! And I already know that I will feel nostalgia when I no longer have him to pet next to me.

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