Star Raped By Brother Actress With STD And Husbands Stroke

Star Raped By Brother, Actress With STD And Husband’s Stroke: Dramas From The Cast Of Grande Família

The cast of The Big Family is dealing with drama after the series ended

The series “A Grande Família” was one of the longestlasting on Brazilian television and has shaped generations. After several actors insisted on starring in other projects, the network ordered the attraction to end and the final episode aired on September 11, 2014. in recent years. Below you can see what happened to some of the main players in the storyline.


Marcos Oliveira was a huge success as the unforgotten Beiçola in the series but he has struggled in recent years. The veteran is in poor health, unable to work and revealed in a video over the last few months that he needed help: “I’m in a very delicate moment and in a lot of pain so thank you to anyone who can help me, lovely you from the heart, I need money to pay my rent,” the actor pleaded.

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Another time, the artist, who was part of the cast of “A Grande Família,” bemoaned the lack of work: “I need my work, otherwise I can’t live. My life is work, I want to sing, do shows, do theatre, I have the ability to do so please spread the word because I need help to buy food.”

In addition to the financial difficulties, the actor admitted that he was was raped by his brother at a young age, he believed at the time that the man was his cousin. It wasn’t until he was 33 that the A Grande Família celebrity found out he was adopted: “I didn’t find out I was adopted until I was 33. That my parents were actually my uncles.”

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“I’ll say it,” admitted Datena, revealing an insurmountable trauma she’s had since childhood: “difficulties.”

Star Raped By Brother Actress With STD And Husbands Stroke

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Actress Guta Stresser, who established herself as Bebel in the series, has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in recent years. In an interview with Fantástico, the star revealed that she discovered the disease while taking part in Dança dos Famosos: “I was suffering with the grades, saying, ‘Oh my God, I can’t do this’. I wanted to do well, do well. So that scared me a lot. Where from? I was very easy to decorate. Now I don’t get any more choreography,” he revealed.

Guta Stresser went bankrupt after being diagnosed with the disease (Photo: Reproduction)Guta Stresser received a diagnosis of illness (Photo: Reproduction)


Aderbal Freire, husband of actress Marieta Severo, faced a difficult time in 2020. The celebrity companion suffered a stroke that left him with sequels. Back then, the star was on the air in ‘A Place in the Sun’ and was devastated when her husband was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

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