Squid Game becomes a reality show (without killing) on ​​Netflix, filming to start in 2023: How to participate

Squid Game becomes a reality show (without killing) on ​​Netflix, filming to start in 2023: How to participate

by Alessandro Vinci

As in the Hwang-Dong-hyuk series, there are 456 entrants. The prize pool of $4.56 million is the highest ever. And of course nobody will die. The requirements for the application

What if Squid Game became a reality? So phrased, the question can only make one shudder. Yet that’s exactly what will happen from 2023, when Netflix begins taping a ten-part reality game in the UK inspired by the record-breaking (raw) series written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. But don’t worry: unlike the original version, no one who is eliminated will lose their life. The number of participants remains the same: 456. The prize for the winner is instead 4.56 million dollars, the equivalent of 4.37 million euros at the current exchange rate. Of course, it won’t be the 45.6 billion won in the script, but according to the streaming giant, it’s still the highest price in reality TV history.

How to participate

Netflix has come a long way and couldn’t help but be credited for the smashing success of the show’s first season. The second isn’t expected to hit the platform until late 2023, so Los Gatos looks set to use Squid Game: The Challenge – the name of the project in the pipeline – to launch it in the best possible way (perhaps alongside a video game). First, the participants are selected. With that in mind, this time you don’t have to play Ddakji: just fill out a special online form that those residing in Italy can reach.
with this link
. There are three main requirements: be at least 21 years old, speak English and of course be able to participate in filming in the first months of 2023.

The proof

As for the challenges envisaged by the show, nothing has been leaked from the official video announcement aired by Netflix on Tuesday afternoon. However, it’s very likely that the tests will follow those of the series, including that of the cookie and the timeless one, two, three, star. Instead, the prospective questionnaire reads: Real gamers will be immersed in the iconic universe of Squid Game and never know what to expect. Here they will compete in a series of heartbreaking games to become the sole survivor* and win a cash prize that will change their lives. The asterisked apostille is needed now more than ever: Please note: win or lose, all players get away with it. But when you win, you win big!. Definitely better that way.

June 15, 2022 (change June 15, 2022 | 21:37)