SPY FINANZA / Suspected Brussels  led Draghi  bis operation

SPY FINANZA / Suspected Brussels led Draghi bis operation

The question is as simple as it is – at least for me – unsettling. Why doesn’t Mario Draghi disown Carlo Calenda? As you may have noticed, the acting Prime Minister for Current Affairs has disappeared from public and media life. Rightly so, a sacrosanct choice of total isolation from the campaign. For the former ECB number one, on the other hand, it was clear: No return to the Palazzo Chigi, only to his grandchildren. On September 26, his political experience must be considered complete.

Well, without wanting to believe this narrative or not, we live the strange paradox of a party – action – that bases its political tightrope walk on the assumption that its confirmation would instead be a guarantee of a return to the Palazzo Chigi Mario Draghi. And beware, no half-sentence or intentionally obscure concept: Carlo Calenda says it clearly, everywhere. Voting for the third pole means voting for a Draghi-bis. Why doesn’t the data subject feel the need to deny this? And I’m not saying to speak to a press conference or an ad hoc interview, an official press release from the Prime Minister would suffice. Aseptically, but ritually and officially, until the situation is finally clarified and the person concerned is unavailable.

And not because what’s happening bothers me, but because it’s configured as misleading advertising. And indeed a disruption of the electoral process and the democratic process. In short, the services can stop looking for phantom Russian voting interference: just follow one of the summer talk shows that air to discover someone is burning spoiled meat to hand out to voters.

There are only two explanations for the silence of the Palazzo Chigi. First, Mario Draghi thinks Carlo Calenda is a mythomaniac who needs help and support, so he treats him like certain kids who will do anything to get noticed. I ignore it. Secondly, Mario Draghi knows in his heart that a return to Palazzo Chigi is by no means impossible and lets it go, for this reason he avoids leaving fingerprints and lets the Calenda-Renzi duo do the dirty work en plein air. Sorry, but tertium non datur. And if the first hypothesis seems intuitively the most likely, at least after hearing the campaign leader speak for just ten minutes, I fear that the second deserves the most attention. And that opens up extremely uncomfortable scenarios: because while everyone fears interference from the Kremlin, we are silently witnessing the interference of the de facto protectorate of Brussels in the September 25 vote.

Of course, Russia is the enemy and the EU is our beacon in the fog. Or at least the ATM that keeps us alive. But the fact remains that the second phase of the Draghi-bis operation definitely crossed the line of decency in my opinion. Because when Carlo Calenda declares with great ease that whichever of the two Poles wins the elections will fall in any case after six months, opening the door to the only viable hypothesis of a new government of national unity, then indeed he is tainted with apology obstructionism and ungovernability. Legally legitimate. But politically repugnant. Because like certain provincial troops looking for the point to save themselves against the big one, Calenda and Renzi only think about sabotaging the vote and paralyzing the country. In the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis, with sovereign debt just breaking all-time highs, and with the ECB effectively holding us hostage, poised to turn off asset reinvestment and send our spreads to the Mes region. Sorry Tpi, the anti-spread shield. Which is a masked MES without a modicum of political appeal. Isn’t that a blatant disruption of the electoral process in your home?

Sure, the stories about Russian hackers are making newspapers sell more copies, but the inglorious silence the alleged press has fallen into after just 24 hours about the Kremlin’s pressure on the League to overthrow Draghi should mean you, too Extent of desperation to be understood reachable from the parts of house number 121 in via Vittorio Veneto. And gentlemen, pay attention to the signals that are also coming from our homeland. One of the favorite newspapers of the government’s pasdaran, or MilanoFinanza, had the headline yesterday. Gas without alternatives. Clearly ultimate.

SPY FINANZA Suspected Brussels led Draghi bis operation

I invite you to look at how the same newspaper covered the begging of natural gas around the world by Mario Draghi and Luigi Di Maio. Practically the discovery of the energetic Eldorado, the solution of all critical questions, the proven proof that with a pragmatic and reformist enlightened person in the Palazzo Chigi, dependence on the Kremlin can be overcome in record time. We have US LNG, Algeria and Angola. Plus this camping stove from TAP. bale. And now, with not only the vote fast approaching, but also the season of access heaters and energy-intensive factories, MilanoFinanza steps in and admits that without Gazprom, it’s going to be a complicated winter. Very complicated.

On the other hand, we live in a world where central bankers, economists with more than hair on their heads, and analysts in suspenders didn’t notice the inflationary elephant’s presence in the room until he decided to tick his ear. So you want someone to apologize for the shit that was written on the love energy up until recently? No, now the 8th of September begins for the best, the descent of the ex-winner from the wagon so that he doesn’t have to be responsible for the perfect storm that is now approaching us. And not even the republic can deny that to the Kremlin or the M-factor, let alone assume it.

Do you understand why, in a similar context and with an army of Badoglio in search of a haven, to have a clear, clear and precise answer to the promises of Carlo Calenda and the Terzo Polo for a Draghi-bis is fatal? Because otherwise someone could really think of a direction not too hidden Brussels, frightened than ever – they tell me in a low voice from up there – by the movement of the horse inspired by Guido Crosetto to throw the paper of revision PNRR on the voting table. That is, the revelation in the eyes of the Italians that it is a question of a onerous loan of those billions that have been wrongly presented to us as gifts of good and European understanding.

If we really are in the middle of a hetero-directional EU campaign, that’s fine. We should be used to that by now. But at least we should avoid spending money on the September 25 elections. Let’s cancel them. Because the energy crisis will think so much about presenting the bill.

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