SPÖ Regner announces nominations for the LUX Film Prize 2024

Launch of the LUX Film Award in Venice

Vienna (OTS/SK) – Vice-President of the EU Parliament, SPÖ MEP Evelyn Regner, is the patron of the EU Parliament’s LUX Film Prize and today announced the five nominees for the 2024 Venice Film Festival. Regarding the nominated films, she says: “This year, once again, five fantastic films from all corners of the EU have been included in the selection. There are also two films by female filmmakers, which makes me particularly happy. The films ‘20,000 Species of Bees’, ‘The Teachers Lounge’, ‘Fallen Leaves’, ‘On The Adamant’ and ‘Smoke Sauna Sisterhood’ are not only entertaining, but also deal with extremely emotional topics that worry and concern us all . They tell stories about courage, identity, mental illness, dependence and solidarity between women and thus point to something new: cinema is political!” ****

Regner adds: “I am personally very grateful to be part of the LUX Film Prize again this year and to be able to support this inspiring project. The LUX Film Prize is an important platform and a wonderful initiative to bring together culture and politics and to promote this exchange as an EU Parliament. I can only encourage you to watch these cinematic masterpieces and also vote for your favorite. Because all EU citizens have a say in their elections!” (End) ls

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