Speeding Residents of a Quebec community are concerned –

Speeding: Residents of a Quebec community are concerned –

Residents of Pointe-Fortune, near Rigaud in Montérégie, are running out of patience: they are demanding a reduction in the speed limit, particularly near the ferry.

The village is about 750 meters from the Ontario border. According to local residents, many travelers who are unfamiliar with the area do not obey the speed limits set by the municipality.

They therefore fear for the children’s safety and wish that action be taken to prevent a tragedy.

The speed limit is currently 50 km/h, but some drivers drive at 80 km/h, residents are outraged.

For example, a citizen suggests further lowering the speed limit or installing speed bumps.

“People don’t pay attention… it’s about making people aware that in a village you drive 40, 50 km/h and not 70-80 km/h,” explains another concerned resident.

The mayor of the municipality, François Bélanger, wants to act, but his hands are tied; The road is actually owned by the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ).

The steps taken with the MTQ did not bring the expected results.

“The Ministry of Transport doesn’t consider it a route, a dangerous route, because there are no registered accidents, all that… I find it annoying that we were told that, even if it’s been four years, because it implies that there has to be an accident for safety to be taken into account,” says the mayor of Pointe-Fortune, François Bélanger.