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Spanish preview of The Promise: Feliciano is coming! TVDaily

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Spanish preview of The Promise: Feliciano is coming!

Let’s discover together the Spanish previews of La Promessa, a soap opera that airs from Monday to Friday on Canale 5: here are the summaries of the episodes that will soon be broadcast on Canale 5!

They return Spanish previews of La Promessa with a series of interesting surprises that will attract everyone’s attention Petra. His brother Feliciano will arrive at Promise. In addition, the boy will develop a great bond with Teresa and make a confession to her that will get her into trouble But let’s find out together what the preview of the upcoming episode reveals in detail 4:40 p.m on channel 5.

Spanish previews of The Promise: Who is Feliciano?

In the next episodes of The promise The audience will welcome a new character: that’s what it’s all about Feliciano, a new servant. The man will simply arrive at the property asks to see Petra: it’s her brother. The maid, at this time, He will get him a job with the Marquises and the two will spend a lot of time together. FelicianoAside from that, he will form a bond with Teresa: the waitress will have a crush on him. Afterward, Feliciano He will be involved in a bad situation to say the least…

Spanish previews of “The Promise”: Pia’s son is kidnapped

Pia will give birth: Despite the problems and complications, your baby will be born healthy. The housekeeper risks her life due to bleeding that will be very painful for her. Abel he will intervene and save her, but Pia he will need absolute rest. All the servants will be happy about the birth of the little one, but also worried about the fate of their friend, but as the days go by, Pia will be out of danger. At this point something terrible will happen: Pia’s child, whose name is Diego, will be kidnapped!

Feliciano makes a confession to Teresa in the Spanish previews

Candle She will be shocked by the situation as she will be the one to notice the disappearance. Everyone will look for him everywhere, but there will be no trace. Piawill of course be shocked by the news. Everyone will be so tense that in the end Feliciano will confess to Teresa that the child is in the Villaquino convent. Then the boy She’ll tell her sister that she revealed everything to Teresa, and Petra will be angry because they’re being blamed! Pia will forbid Petra and Feliciano from approaching Diego…

The promisethe Spanish soap opera, airs Monday to Friday 4:40 p.m. on Channel 5.