Spanish F1 Grand Prix Max Verstappen opportunistic complicated for Lance

Spanish F1 Grand Prix: Max Verstappen opportunistic, complicated for Lance Stroll

Already at the Spanish Grand Prix, Lance Stroll’s task was an arduous one, but an incident completely ruined his chances of a good result on Sunday in Barcelona. He turned 15and.

The Qu├ębecian started from 17th in a brand new Aston Martin, which caused passions this weekend for its striking resemblance to the Red Bull car. The Quebecer made up a few places at the start, but then lost them again.

However, he seemed to be able to find more rhythm in his second stint on soft tires but his passing at the expense of Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) turned sour as the Frenchman caught up to him. The latter also received a penalty for his gesture.

The damage was done to Stroll, who lost several positions. He was never able to return to the peloton after that. Sebastian Vettel was eleventh.

At the front, Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) was heading for an easy win, but his engine couldn’t keep up. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) won, not without the help of his teammate Sergio Perez, who let him through on team orders. With his fourth win in six races, the reigning world champion is in first place in the drivers’ standings ahead of Leclerc.

George Russell (Mercedes) climbed to the third step of the podium while Canada’s Nicholas Latifi (Williams) finished 16th in the final standings ahead of his teammate Alexander Albon.