Spain, train caught fire: passengers smash windows and run away.  VIDEO

Spain, train caught fire: passengers smash windows and run away. VIDEO

The train that suddenly stops on the tracks and the flames that engulf it outside the windows: it happened in Spain. Those are the scary moments on the train ValenciaZaragozathat the August 17 stuck with 48 passengers on board when a fire reached the railroad.

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Different Videos posted on social media show panic which erupted among the passengers, some of whom smashed windows while disembarking from the train and were caught in the flames, seriously injured. The toll is 20 injured passengers, three of them seriously.

Panic about the train stuck in the middle of the flames

A major fire has been burning in the province of Castellón near the town of Bejís since Monday. Furthermore 10,000 hectares were burned by the flames. When the train reached the fire zone between the towns of Masadas Blancas and Barracas, the fire extinguishing and automatic braking systems were activated and the driver was forced to reverse the train.

while in Panic broke out in the wagons General: Seeing the flames outside the windows, some passengers broke the windows to escape, although staff tried to stop them by warning them it was dangerous. The people who got out of the train cars found themselves surrounded by flames running along the tracks towards the town of Caudiel.

at 18:20 The driver continued the march He stopped several times to pick up the people who had gotten off the train and were running by the side of the road towards Caudiel, some of them with varying degrees of burns.

Why did the train have the green light to go?

The criminal police, Renfe (Spanish Railways) and Adif have launched several investigations to independently clarify what happened and why the railway was not closed in advance.

After the first reconstructions The railway was considered safe: On the morning of August 17, a few hours before the accident, a regional train was running smoothly. However, it appears that a sudden change in wind changed the situation, pushing the flames onto the tracks. From the Castellón consortium, they confirmed that the alarm was not given and that the wind changed within a few hours, forcing them to reschedule the extinguishing work. This would have prevented 112 from being alerted in time.

However Failed to close line looks strange: Some communities the train passed through had been cleared in the previous hours and the route was only 5 kilometers from one of the fires. Investigations are ongoing to identify any errors and responsibilities in the decision-making chain.

Three seriously injured: They tried to escape from the train

Three people stayed seriously injured due to burns and two of them were taken to the Fe de Valencia Hospital, one by helicopter and the other by ambulance. They are a 58-year-old woman and a 15-year-old girl. The third person seriously injured She was taken to the hospital, a quarter sent to Sagunto with minor burns, passengers remaining on the train were unharmed.

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