While drinking his coffee he is attacked by a bear

Spain: A bear is run over by a car

A bear was hit and killed by a car on a road in Asturias, northwestern Spain, on Friday night, local authorities announced on “X”, formerly Twitter.

“An adult bear was crushed at dawn on the AS-15 road between Zarréu and Degaña. “The occupants of the car are uninjured,” the Asturian authorities wrote on the social network, publishing a photo of the brown seal lying on the grass and the car with the front completely smashed.

The accident occurred in the middle of the night, at 1:30 a.m., she adds, indicating that an autopsy of the animal would be carried out.

According to the Brown Bear Foundation, in Spain there are around 330 brown bears living in the Cantabrian Mountains and around 76 more in the Pyrenees.