Something new at today And thanks to our readers things

Something new at today. And thanks to our readers, things are going really well for us

As of today, Open has a new director, Franco Beichis. As a well-known and valued protagonist in the journalist scene, he is taking over the management of our online newspaper, which he has just completed 4 years of life. It is an opportunity for a brief assessment. Open does not receive any public or private grants, subsidies or grants. Its only income comes from advertising and the promotion of its articles, reprinted by the main platforms, as well as from small reader subscriptions that we never tire of thanking. For the past year, the income statement has been solidly positive. But Open, by free choice made at birth, reinvests all of its profits into the product, in the form of rent and work tools. They are already created fifteen new professional journalists, according to the basic mission of the project. Perhaps no other newspaper in Italy has inducted so many young people on permanent contracts in this four-year period. All of this was possible thanks to the reading results of the newspaper, which is also free due to its flattering numbers. The final data for the year that just ended is available today: Open hat 82 million users and 635 million of page views, with a growth of over 20% compared to 2021

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